Running tests

This library contains tests written using unittest module, so just run in the project directory

python -m unittest

Also it's possible to run tests using Tox:

tox -e <env>

Supported environments:

  • py27
  • py35
  • py36
  • py37
  • py38
  • py39
  • pypy (based on Python 2.7)
  • pypy3 (based on Python 3.6)

Test coverage

Test coverage is one of the top priority for this library. For the latest release:

  • Coverage using Python 2.7: 98%
  • Coverage using Python 3.x: 96%

Tox environments:

  • coverage (using Python 3)
  • coverage (using Python 2.7)

Code style checking

There're a few more Tox environments for checking code style:

  • pep8 (style checking)
  • pylint (using Python 3)
  • pylint27 (using Python 2.7)

For PEP8 check, the pycodestyle and flake8 are used sequentially. Passing this check is required for merging the pull request.

Pylint, in other hand, is added for additional check and is not used in release process.